Web Accessibility Compliance Solutions – Section 508, ADA and WCAG 2.0+ Conformance

Find out how easy web accessibility compliance can be with Agilitech Solutions.

How it Works

Our flagship offering, AWeb, is an enterprise web accessibility management and remediation platform.  AWeb installs in seconds and corrects web accessibility errors while enhancing accessibility features on your site. The code transforms the website to meet 508 and WCAG 2.0+ accessibility standards by introducing A Web as a layer on top of your site code.  AWeb is always on, monitoring and checking your site for issues in real time.  You’ll also get peace of mind with the in platform editors, wizards and built in knowledge base to ensure you’re addressing an accessibility issue the right way. 

Once A Web is implemented, your website will display the universal accessibility icon indicating the site is accessible, be prepared for use by screen readers and other accessibility tools and have a set of accessibility tools available, such as color inversion for people with low vision or accessibility for color blindness.

AWeb is available via Cloud subscription, or on premises installation.  Our professional services experts can support your team, or provide a turn key, done for you package to meet all your web accessibility needs. 

Continuous Web Accessibility Conformance

At Agilitech Solutions, we understand that maintaining website accessibility conformance can be complicated. Especially for organizations that have dynamic websites, frequently changing content or numerous documents. A Web will continuously scan your site’s static and dynamic content for conformance, as well as monitoring for any potential violations.

A Web Brings Peace of Mind

A Web ensures your site stays conformant with testing, reporting and remediation. Not only are accessibility violations pinpointed within the browser context, you’re also given a complete audit report that identifies which WCAG 2.0, ADA or Section 508 standard or rule was violated.

For each error that is not automatically corrected, an accessibility patch is provided using our in-house platform wizards and editors to correct individual issues or CSS patterns site-wide. Our solutions are offered in a SaaS subscription, done for you as a part of our service, or through on-premises installation.

We Help You Overcome Pricey, Conventional Solutions

Most conventional solutions deal with point issues or require lengthy, costly service engagements to remedy websites for web accessibility. One estimate put the complicated procedure for a lengthier website of 200 operable pages at over a thousand hours of professional services to remediate. Converting PDFs to be conformant can take even longer. Agilitech Solutions delivers a simple, fast and comprehensive solution for conformance.

Does your website make the grade? Run a free scan using our accessibility tool. Ready to explore our web accessibility compliance solutions? Request a free demo to learn more.