Accessible Technology Procurement Support

Accessible technology procurement is more important than ever, and we can help you get it right.

  • Are you buying new technologies or considering a software or platform subscription?
  • Do you have third-party vendors building and delivering critical applications?
  • Do you want to ensure you buy the most accessible solution that meets your business requirements?

We can help you make the right choice, with a simpler process than you might expect. Once you’ve shortlisted your candidate technologies, our experts will provide the critical accessibility information on each, helping you make the right choice. Contact us today to get started.

Ensure Your Hiring Process is Accessible

Accessible recruiting and hiring are at the top of the list for many companies today. Whether you’re developing a process from scratch or updating an existing one, our experts can provide the support you need to ensure success.

How accessible end-to-end is your hiring process? Do you use third party tools and platforms? How accessible is your recruiting and hiring process from the candidate perspective?

We can evaluate the technology components and process in your recruitment life cycle to help identify accessibility gaps. Best of all, we can develop customized strategies that fill them. Contact us today to find out more.