Web accessibility is a national policy for ensuring that the internet is accessible by the entire population, taking into account the various conditions/disabilities that can restrict some individuals’ access to websites. Web developers and designers need to incorporate efficient tools to make access easier for people with permanent, partial and temporary disabilities. Many businesses overlook the importance of integrating a reliable web accessibility tool which can result in a number of legal repercussions such as lawsuits and civil rights complaints.

Web accessibility is a governed policy, implemented to make internet services accessible by people with various disabilities and challenges. Web accessibility as a reform intends to equalize the use of web by individuals who may be affected by one or more conditions. Since people with physical or cognitive disabilities may find it challenging to use the internet as efficiently as people without disabilities, the government requires website owners to integrate tools designed to ensure easy access.

More than 20% of the world’s population suffers from some sort of disability that may hinder their web access. The web accessibility policy aims to mitigate the challenges faced by such individuals. Hence, when web developers and website owners disregard the integration process, they are discriminating against people with disabilities. This can lead to financial repercussions for the business such as loss of potential clientele and financial penalties due to lawsuits.

Lawsuits against Non-compliance of Web Accessibility and ADA Litigation

Over the years, lawsuits against web developers and website owners over non-compliance of web accessibility and ADA policies has been on the rise. During the past decade, the population has become aware of the various implications of non-compliance with web accessibility reform policies. For attorneys and individuals who are willing to push corporate companies to their limit in order to mint free money, non-compliance issues present a unique opportunity. People can claim thousands of dollars as compensation for a website that doesn’t provide web accessibility to disabled people.

To avoid accessibility lawsuits against your company, Agilitech now provides a free Accessibility Analysis to include an automated accessibility scan, report of current violations on a sampling of your web pages that we can correct with our automated solution and guidance on further steps required to achieve compliance.